Here’s the short story, there are two types of “outcomes” that all providers should be doing…

Outcomes research: this type of research usually involves measuring clients at baseline/admission, at discharge, and at some interval post discharge (typically at 6 & 12 months after discharge).

This type of research speaks to the question “What is your success rate” or “Does your program work?”.

Client Progress Monitoring: Also called Feedback Informed Treatment, is the process of measuring client progress at regular intervals DURING the treatment process.

These results are used to build treatment plans, monitor changes, and inform clinical decision making. To do this properly, measurement alone is not quite enough. The highest standard involves reviewing results with clients throughout the process. Randomized controlled studies show that progress monitoring that includes clinician & client review of the results increases the amount of change and decreases how long it takes to change when compared to treatment as usual.

The Remote Research Director Dashboard from Petree Consulting Inc. was specifically built for these two types of research. Please contact us if you would like to know more!