remote research director dashboard software components

[ components related to data collection ]

[ tracking your data collection efforts ]


There’s an entire dashboard that shows you how well you are doing at meeting your data collection goals.

  • o1_Auto-Prioritized Task List
  • o2_Simple Charts Show Data Collection Success
  • o3_Email Templates and Texts for Customized Follow-up

[ large library of instruments ]


You have access to both open source and subscription-based normed and valid surveys. We’ll help you pick the right ones if you don’t already know.

  • o1_We've Been Working With Survey Vendors For Years
  • o2_We'll Help You Figure Out Which Tools Are Right For You

[ custom survey creation ]


In addition to our large library of instruments you can create your own surveys.

  • o1_We Usually Recommend Building Your Own Surveys To Compliment Normed And Valid Data Collection.
  • o2_Let Us Help You To Design A Custom Survey!

[ integrated gift card system ]


If you’ve tried, you know it’s really tough to get feedback from alumni. With this system you set the rules, fund the account, and gift cards are emailed and/or texted to qualified recipients.

  • o1_Collecting Data After Clients Have Returned Home Is Always A Challenge.
  • o2_The Gift Card Can Be An Appropriate Tool To Increase Your Post Discharge Response Rates.

[ components related to clinical progress and outcomes ]

[ feedback informed treatment dashboard]


The FIT Dash is possibly our most powerful tool. It allows easy viewing of client progress via line graph and tables.

  • o1_See client progress in graphs and tables.
  • o2_Push-button sorting allows quick access to important items and sub scales.
  • o3_Overlay results from other people like parents or therapists.
  • o4_Compare how one client is doing in relationship to everyone else.
  • o5_Mark any event on timeline.

[ aggregate outcomes charting ]


You can see your overall outcome averages, compare different date ranges and save your results so that you can share them with stakeholders.

  • o1_Look at your program’s average outcomes.
  • o2_Date range options allow easy comparisons over time.
  • o3_Save your charts to an html file so that you can email it to stakeholders.

[ automated client alert system ]


Staying on top of critical items is important for client health and reducing risk:

  • o1_Choose alerts by item for any survey.
  • o2_Get secure messages on the spot.

[ individual item analysis ]


As long as a survey item has a score you can choose up to 8 date ranges for comparison.

  • o1_Perfect for customer satisfaction surveys.
  • o2_Find out if your outcomes, overall, are getting better or worse from quarter to quarter.
  • o3_Find those items that show the greatest improvement for marketing materials.