Petree Consulting Inc is proud to offer our clients the Clinical Staffing Report! The Clinical Staffing Report is designed to put your most distressed clients on the clinical radar.

The Clinical Staffing Report shows two pie charts:

1. A breakdown of your current population by clinical severity
2. A breakdown of your current population by those who are improved, unchanged or regressed from baseline.

By clicking through the regions of the pie charts, you are able to see who is getting better or worse.
Those who are reporting the most concerning scores are sorted to the top of the list.

Each client shows a history of scores that are colored to show relative severity to their baseline score and will show you how treatment has been progressing. Simply clicking on the client’s name will pull up the client’s mental health charts in another tab.

The Clinical Staffing Report also contains a “Currently” pie chart which shows a breakdown of your population in real time. This feature can help to detect possible shifts in the culture or help to add programming to meeting the fluctuating demands of your clients.

Want to see a single clinician’s caseload? Just click the provider’s name to see a filtered list.

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